Meeting Minutes November 2014

November 19, 2014

The regular meeting of the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Board was called to order at 6:05 p.m., by Chairman Tim Trudell, at 4123 Vance Road, Traverse City, MI 49685.

Roll call – 7 members, a quorum


Fife Lake – Linda Forwerck                                                       Chief Theo Weber

Grant – Doug Moyer                                                                 Dave Milliron – Accountant

Green Lake – Paul Biondo

Long Lake – Karen Rosa

Paradise – Tim Trudell

Springfield – Tom Gray

Whitewater – Ron Popp

Excused – Union

AGENDA:       Revised.   Motion by Fife Lake, supported by Springfield to approve the revised Agenda as presented.   All ayes.  Motion carried.

MINUTES:   Motion by Long Lake, supported by Fife Lake to approve the October 15, 2014 Minutes as mailed.   All ayes.  Motion carried.

FINANCIAL REPORTS:   Dave presented the Reports.   General Operations Money Market balance is $288,920.10.    Line items and Cost Controls are in balance.

Compensation was paid out.  Most of the large items are taken care of.

Public Improvement Fund balance is $232,685.02.

Grant Fund balance $28,568.03 (GT Band Grant for Lucas Machines – most of it has been spent)

Motion by Springfield, supported by Long Lake to approve the Financial Reports as presented.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

The Journal Transactions are the Payrolls.

CLAIMS:   Pre-Authorized Claims in the amount of $3,009.86.   Motion by Green Lake, supported by Fife Lake to approve the Pre-Authorized Claims.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Open Invoices in the amount of $55,462.97.   Motion by Green Lake, supported by Long Lake to approve the Open Invoices.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

Payrolls:   $6,805.22, $10,345.10, $63,687.01 Compensation.   Motion by Green Lake, supported by Fife Lake to approve the three payrolls.   6 ayes, 1 nay Whitewater.   Motion carried.

CHIEF REPORT:   (See Chief’s Activity Report) Chief Weber reported that October was a busy month.   He spent 2 weeks at the MSP Academy training for fire investigation.

Chief Weber reported that #6 Engine still has drivability issues and he is working with Spartan/Spencer to resolve.  They have not figured out what is wrong with it.

The two Aerials have been tested and passed.   A new generator was mounted on #6 Water Supply.

Gas monitors were tested and calibrated.

Chief Weber reported he attended the NMFCA Leadership Conference in Traverse City.

He also attended an MTA conference in Frankenmuth.

Chief Weber reported they have the N95 masks and they are fit testing them and learning Ebola Protocols.

Chief Weber reported School Lockdown drills have begun and a new classroom door lock system installed they will be training on (Boot Lock).

RTC:  See November Minutes and annual report.

UNFINISHED/OLD BUSINESS:   Admin Assistant Applications.  Chief Weber reported they will interview 5 people on Friday.   City Human Resources will assist with the interviews.

ACT 57 – Trudell said he is compiling a list of questions he has been asked.

Fire Code Discussion – Linda Forwerck of Fife Lake said they are interested in adopting the Ordinance.   There were some conflicts in 2006 the first time the Townships adopted it, so Fife Lake didn’t adopt it.  Her Board will be meeting to discuss it.  The Secretary will send her some documents.

NEW BUSINESS:   (See letter and Policy) Chief Weber request for Authorization to carry a concealed weapon.   Motion by Fife Lake, supported by Springfield to authorize permission for Chief Weber to carry a concealed weapon.

Chairman Trudell called for a Roll Call Vote.

Voted Aye:  Forwerck-Fife Lake, Moyer-Grant, Biondo-Green Lake, Rosa- Long Lake, Trudell-Paradise, Gray-Springfield

Voted Nay:   Popp-Whitewater

Discussion.   Chief Weber said he discussed it with Sheriff Bensley.  There are usually no deputies available to escort him at fire scenes.


Board discussion.   Chief Weber reported that the draft was sent to the Tribe, and the Tribe wanted to get input from the Rural Board.  Chairman Trudell asked if anyone had any questions.   They discussed insurance.  Rural has coverage on vehicles.  Insurance Agent Paul Olson will be at the December meeting and they will ask him about insurance.  Biondo-Green Lake said Whitewater needs to be in agreement.  Ron Popp said they have not made any progress, there appears to be an issue with the Tribe negotiating with the Supervisor.  Popp said they are still where they were at a year ago.  Popp stated negotiations have stopped since Rural took over the fire side.   Biondo said they should put something in writing to the Whitewater Twp. Board.  Biondo thinks it is a “win-win” situation.   Chief Weber said he would support a meeting with Rural, Whitewater and the Tribe.   Popp said they asked the Tribe about a meeting which did not happen because they were bound by the Open Meetings Act.  Whitewater has a Resolution that is “welcoming” to the Tribe.  Chief Weber asked Popp if there were any big issues with the Attorneys.    Popp said the Tribe does not want to deal with the Rural Attorney.    Chairman Trudell thought a letter to the Tribe asking for a meeting should come from Whitewater Township.   Forwerck-Fife Lake asked Ron Popp what would make it easier to bring this to a solution.   Popp said two governments deal directly with each other- the Tribe and Whitewater.  Popp said the biggest hurdle was cultural differences.  Chairman Trudell cautioned about over-thinking it.  Popp said he had an issue with Paragraph 7 & 8 of the IGA.   Chief Weber said the Rural Attorney could clarify that.  Chairman Trudell would like Whitewater to contact the Tribe.  Popp agreed.   Discussed the proposed new Station that the Tribe wants to build-similar to the one in East Jordan.

2015 PROPOSED BUDGETS:    (Budget Hearing December 17th   6:00 p.m.)

The Board went over the line items.  Ron Popp-Whitewater commented on the wages for 2015.     Karen Rosa said a new line item for an Assistant Chief wage was added.

Chief Weber explained the new payroll policy.  Discussion about Expenses and Revenues – questions about Fund Balance.   Discussion about millage rate – Rosa stated they decided not to raise it for 2015.   Biondo-Green Lake wanted Chief Weber to check on insurance for the new Admin Assistant.   Popp stated he can’t support a budget that is $90,000 in the red and a line item for another staff person that they haven’t discussed yet.   Chief Weber said they need an Assistant Chief to do the things they haven’t been able to do.   Biondo said he is comfortable having the Assistant Chief line item.  Chairman Trudell said they should approve this Budget and put a clause that they still want to discuss the option of an Assistant Chief with Chief Weber.

Biondo suggested the Budget Committee meet again.   Rosa asked the Board if they were comfortable raising it to .75 – they need to know that if they are going to re-do the Budget.

Popp wanted the Board to discuss the Assistant Chief position and what the duties would be.

Chairman Trudell said they could trim the budget a little, but they can’t cut anything.  Dave said the Fund Balance starting in January is around $317,000.00.  Gray – Springfield said an Asst. Chief probably wouldn’t come on for a few months.   Motion by Fife Lake, supported by Green Lake to have the Budget Committee meet again before December 17th.   Moyer-Grant said there is no point hiring someone if they can’t logically afford it.   Trudell said they would look at that.

All ayes.  Motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS CONTINUED:     Pre-approval for the December 1, 2014 Bond and Interest

Payment to 5/3 Bank in the amount of $77,663.46.  Motion by Green Lake, supported by Whitewater to approve the Bond payment.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

Chairman Trudell told Popp-Whitewater that he wanted to thank the Whitewater Ambulance for standing by at the Ice-man Race.

No other business.

Motion by Fife Lake, supported by Springfield to adjourn the meeting.  All ayes.  Motion carried.    Meeting adjourned 8:20 p.m.