Meeting Minutes September 2013



The regular meeting of the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m., by Vice-Chair Doug Mansfield, at 4123 Vance Road, Traverse City, MI 49685.


Roll call – 7 members, a quorum


Fife Lake – Linda Forwerck

Grant – Doug Moyer

Long Lake – Karen Rosa

Paradise – Tim Trudell

Springfield – Tom Gray

Union – Doug Mansfield

Whitewater – Ron Popp

Consultant Bill Sedlacek-Chief Retired

Dave Milliron – Accountant

Becca Pruyne – H&SO

#2 AC Brian Carpenter

Acting Chief Roger Gibson

#4 FF Patrick Pruyne

Marv Radtke, Jr. – Green Lake Twp.

AGENDA:   Motion by Fife Lake, supported by Whitewater to approve the agenda as presented.   All ayes.  Motion carried.


MINUTES:    Ron Popp-Whitewater made reference to page 2 and “Chief Sedlacek” report.  They want to say “Retired Chief Consultant” rather than “Chief”.  Popp also made reference to page 5 –  Unfinished business regarding “Applicants”, and would like the secretary to review the tape and check the wording.   It should read “the Board will post the interview dates in accordance with the open meetings act”.   The Board had also discussed reducing the candidates down to the top ten.   (Secretary will review and revise).   Motion by Whitewater, supported by Long Lake to wait until the next meeting to accept the 8/21/13 Minutes with the recommended changes.  


AD HOC INTEVIEW COMMITTEE:    John Linnerson reported on the applicant interviews.

John said they started the process in August.   They ended up with 7 applications and two dropped out.   They interviewed 5 candidates.  John reported that Chief Jim Tuller asked the questions using a questionnaire provided by the County.   The committee met 9/10/13 to decide who they would recommend to the Board.   The meetings were all open meetings and posted.   The five applicants who were interviewed were Theo Weber-City Fire, Keith Witt-Chicago Fire, Greg Walterhouse- Mt. Pleasant, Mike Cederholm-Arcadia, and Roger Gibson-Fife Lake.  John stated everyone on the committee agreed on the same top three candidates.

The final three for recommendation were Theo Weber, Keith Witt and Greg Walterhouse.

The Ad Hoc Committee recommends Theo Weber as the new Rural Chief/CEO.   Motion by Paradise, supported by Springfield to offer Theo Weber the Chief/CEO position pending the salary and benefit package negotiations.   Roll call vote:  7 ayes     0 nays   

Motion carried.


Ad Hoc Committee cont’d.

The Board discussed salary and benefits.  Union asked the Accountant to tally what Bill’s budgeted expenses were.  He also advised the Ad hoc committee to reduce what Bill had by 25% as a guide.   The Ad Hoc committee wants to meet with Theo next week.

Motion by Paradise, supported by Whitewater to have the Ad Hoc Committee – Linda Forwerck, John Linnerson, and Bill Sedlacek (minus Chief Tuller) work on the salary and benefit package and meet with Theo Weber to negotiate the salary & benefit package.  All ayes.  Motion carried.   The Ad Hoc Committee will meet Sept. 23 & 24.   The meeting will be posted.


Correspondence:   Letter from Green Lake Township requesting a meeting.

Mansfield-Union said they need to meet with Green Lake Township and decide what direction the Board is going.  The Board discussed a letter they received from Paul Biondo from Green Lake Township about concerns the Green Lake Board has about the future of Rural.   Green Lake Township would like a meeting before the October board meeting and prior to hiring of a Chief/CEO.   The Board will set a date for the Green Lake Township meeting.   October 1, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. was agreeable to the Board.  They will use Paradise Township’s hall for the meeting.  The meeting will be posted.    Marv Radtke stated Green Lake Board met 9/16.  Marv had to leave early so he doesn’t know what transpired after.   Motion by Fife Lake, supported by Whitewater to approve the meeting date of 10/01/13-6:00 p.m. at Paradise Township Hall.  All ayes.  Motion carried.     Union stated he would like each Green Lake Board member to receive the meeting notice – certified mail.   The Special Meeting Notice will list the Agenda items.  (1. Green Lake concerns about Rural Fire, and 2. Hiring of Rural Chief/CEO).


FINANCIAL REPORTS:   Dave gave the reports.   General Op Fund – Money Market balance is $240,038.   A loan payment of $77,574.00 will be due December 1, 2013.  There were some line items overdrawn.  #909.000, #932.000 and #956.000.  There is a recommended Budget Amendment.

Grant Fund balance $5.00

Public Improvement Fund balance $1,388.87

Motion by Long Lake, supported by Springfield to approve the Financial Reports as presented.  All ayes.  Motion carried.

 Budget Amendment:    Increase #909.000 by $500.00, Increase #932.000 by $5,000.00, Increase #956.006 by $20.00 to total $5,520.00.    Decrease #742.000 (physical exams) by $5,520.00.

Motion by Springfield, supported by Fife Lake to approve the Budget Amendments as presented.   All ayes.  Motion carried.


CLAIMS:  Pre-Authorized- Motion by Springfield, supported by Long Lake to approve the Pre-Authorized Claims in the amount of $3,705.36.  All ayes. Motion carried.

Open Invoices- $19,799.06.   Discussed JPS Outdoor Services late invoices.  Some of the winter snow plowing was on there.   Board wondered if they should pay the ones from 2012.  The want the invoices sent in a timely manner.  The Board wants Dave to send them a letter.   Motion by Grant, supported by Springfield to pay the Open Invoices in the amount of $19,799.06 as presented.   All ayes.  Motion carried.




PAYROLL:  8/01- $3,679.36; 8/15- $5,393.00; 8/29- $4,825.83.   Motion by Springfield, supported by Paradise to approve the payrolls as presented.  All ayes.  Motion carried.




Vice-Chair Mansfield said to change Bill’s title to “Consultant/Retired Chief.”    Consultant Sedlacek stated he has been doing what crosses his desk.


ACTING CHIEF ROGER GIBSON:   Roger reported they had an officer meeting at Long Lake Township – Karen was the Board representative.

Roger said he has been doing a lot of work in Fife Lake.  Also FEMA training at the County Emergency Operations office.  The County plan is outdated – 20 years since last update.


Roger is working on Fife Lake’s Emergency Plan and recommends all the Townships get a plan in place.


Roger reported SCBA inspections were done on the air-packs.


Roger working on the turn-out gear project.   Suggested they do a replacement program each year.   Do an inventory now and each year old gear would be replaced.


Roger said he wants each station to work on the knox boxes.  Each station did tank and dry hydrant inspections.


Roger said training is going Okay.  They lost instructor for the NIMS-Incident command.  Someone volunteered.


Roger said he sent letters to Mayfield Township.  Bill said he went to their meeting and he was told the check was in the mail.


Roger said his calls were down.  They had a fire in Long Lake last week and it was a good stop.


Tim Trudell thanked Roger for “stepping-up and taking care of things the last 2 months.”


HEALTH & SAFETY:    Rebecca had a typed report.   Physicals completed except for Station #2.

Rebecca mentioned a person who has missed every required training; he ignores phone calls and emails.   She would like direction from the Board.   Union said to send him a certified letter.

Rebecca reported she did the first official Orientation with two new members.  They both gave positive feedback.   They will have a mentor at their stations.

Rebecca reported she made a copy of the Public Health Code Policy stating Medical First Responder is required to drive an MFR vehicle (see copy).   She made a new list of Required training, with a list of Rural members and their levels of licensure and expiration dates.  They have more EMT’s than MFR’s.   Becca spoke to Brian at Station #2 about the required training.

Rebecca reported she and Julie went to the OSHA/MIOSHA seminar.  They learned about record keeping.  There is a website to refer to.    She is working on updating Part 74.

Rebecca said they need to have fire gear in compliance to avoid MIOSHA fines.  Discussion about fire gear replacement, and funding.




Rebecca reported on “911 Medic Alert.”  Discussion.  Roger said they accepted “Smart 911.”

Rebecca said she will be setting up a HPPA training by John Depuy.





UNFINISHED/OLD BUSINESS:   Mayfield Contract:   The Board was sent a signed contract for a Board signature.  Mansfield-Union signed the contract.


NEW BUSINESS:  Ad hoc Committee – moved to top of Agenda and report was given by John Linnerson.


PUBLIC INPUT:    Patrick Pruyne said if everyone did the NIMS training, they would get a grasp of the Fire System.


OTHER BUSINESS:    Linda Forwerck reminded the Board of the Plaque presentation September 25th at Station #2.    Everyone was notified.    They want secretary to send notice to Metro and Peninsula and all stations.



No other business.    Meeting adjourned 7:58